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  •   headiness

    im shafin sk..here my 10min short film..this film about TERRORISM.pls watch and share

    From mashu on: 08.12.12views: 3656
  •   Love medicine ( Short Movie )

    there is only one medicine to cure all our problems. its costly and precious ( love medicine ) Ajee omkar film

    From ajeeomkar on: 08.15.12views: 2811
  •   The Victim

    Mobile misusing

    From AkhilPMathew on: 08.06.12views: 2031
  •   strange love

    The film conceived from palayam street(fotage is from real life). Gratitude for the lady GIRIJA who allow to shoot this film a...

    From shinejose on: 07.27.12views: 1508
  •   The last leaf

    Filmed in nikon D90

    From saj03tcr on: 07.27.12views: 1369
  •   Cell Phone -Short Film

    This short film is based on the over use of cell phones in the present society..

    From videocarpet on: 08.16.12views: 1253
  •   mindbook

    It is a short film of duration 6min and 10 sec. The theme is social issue that shows the reflection of misuse of social network...

    From Gokulprasad on: 08.15.12views: 1193
  •   realisation

    anti drugs

    From sujeeshsuji on: 08.07.12views: 1144
  •   OMG!( Oh My God)

    A MIcro Malayalam Movie Based on a crucial situation faced by a young man, and due to this he try to live a new life by facing...

    From vishnuvenugopal on: 07.16.12views: 1139
  •   vazhikazcha

    a road saftey short movie created by our team 'kite runners' for public awareness.

    From AkhilPMathew on: 08.15.12views: 1081
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